CSV files into SQLite database

This bit of code will transfer a whole bunch of csv files in the ‘logs/’ directory into a single SQLite db file called repo_data.db.

import pandas as pd
import re
import os
import sqlite3 as sql

# create list of all the different files
list_files = [x for x in os.listdir('logs') if x.endswith('.csv')]

# create a new file with a connection
db_con = sql.connect('repo_data.db')

# for 8-bit string instead of unicode...why?
db_con.text_factory = str

# now go through the things and create a table for each
for str_raw_name in list_files:

    # clean name and lower
    str_name = re.sub('.csv', '', str_raw_name).lower()

    # open the file and create 
    df = pd.read_csv('logs/%s' % str_raw_name)

    # pass on to the database
    df.to_sql(str_name, con = db_con, index=False)

    print 'DONE', str_name

NOTE: I kept getting an error about some 8-bit blah blah blah text thing. I googled it and fixed it (line 13), but I still have no idea what it means.